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What does (not) belong on social media?

In the previous article, it was already mentioned how individual platforms work and that it is important to differentiate communication on them, because each of them has a different audience. Communication on social media should have a firm place in your marketing strategy. But how to set up such communication and what to actually put on those networks?


Social media is a part of almost every person’s everyday life, and that is why hotels with a well-thought-out marketing strategy on social media can reach a wide audience of potential guests. Not only can you use social media to build your facility’s reputation, but you can also increase your direct booking numbers. If your strategy is precisely defined, you will avoid frequent mistakes that mean the loss of fans, i.e. the loss of guests. Let’s take a look together at what belongs on the net and what should never be put there.


  • Visual content as number one!


Long gone are the days when it was enough to take a photo on your phone and then share it with a thoughtless comment on your profiles. Users today consume content mostly visually, which means that to gain attention, it is necessary to publish visually interesting content.

The creation of this content should be one of the main components of the social media strategy. We recommend working with a professional photographer who will ensure that the photos are eye-catching. However, before contacting the photographer himself, clearly establish the topics for communication, based on which the photographer will take individual pictures. But beware! These are not product photos for your website. These are photos that should convey some emotion and mood corresponding to the tone of your hotel’s communication.


  • Planning is the basis of success


At first it may not seem like it, but managing social media also takes some time. However, it can be saved with effective planning. At the same time, you will never get into a situation where you will spontaneously add a post because you haven’t put anything on the social media for a long time. The contribution then loses its quality and does not meet the goals that were met within the framework of the proposed strategy. In addition, it may happen that the hastily written text contains errors or, for example, invalid links to your website.


  • Being trendy does not mean being successful


It is not always necessary to follow trends. On the other hand, we’re not saying you can’t take part in some viral challenge that just inundated the internet. However, before you participate, consider whether it fits your tone of communication, whether it will be of interest to your audience, and whether the activity can be linked to business goals.


  • Call-to-action always and everywhere


A very common mistake in hotel communication on social media is the missing interaction button. Social media users like their comfort. That’s why it’s important to have everything right under their noses. This means, if you require a click through to the website or a reservation, you must insert the link directly into the post and invite a click through.


  • Correct information on all available channels


Make sure all available platforms where you have profiles are up to date. Incorrect information could confuse potential guests and make you look untrustworthy. Also, make sure that none of the previous employees, for example, set up an account on Twitter or another platform that no one cares about now because no one even knows about it.


  • Sale, sale, sale


Social media is not an advertising or, primarily, a sales catalogue. It is a place where users primarily go to have fun and look for inspiration. Don’t try to sell them one of your rooms at any cost. Choose several topics that you will systematically combine in communication. For example, you can share recommendations for interesting places around your hotel.


  • No response, no guests


One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not answering your followers’ questions. As the word “social” suggests, people on social media want to interact, so let them. Communication through messages on social media is a valuable customer service that can again generate more direct bookings for you.


If you really want to have a presence on social media, which you definitely should, think carefully about your strategy and overall tone of communication. And if you don’t know what to do and the world of social media is foreign to you, that’s okay. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to advise you or propose the entire strategy.

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