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How can the Bookolo system help you after reopening?

On Monday, May 24, hotels, guesthouses and other accommodation facilities reopened. The several-month re-closure due to the pandemic has a significant economic impact on the hotel industry and tourism in general. Hoteliers have to face a completely new situation and start to watch their expenses all the more.


If you want to avoid paying high commissions to intermediaries, then introducing a quality booking engine on your own website and increasing the percentage of direct bookings is a must. At the moment, we already have clients in the regions and with the capacity of only a few rooms, who have also decided to use our services. Booking Engine by the Bookolo system is very clear thanks to a sophisticated dynamic calendar and enables quick booking in two steps. Its functions also include, for example, the sale of additional services, a program for corporate clients or sales using promo codes.


Part of our system is of course also Channel Manager, which is already becoming a necessity even for smaller accommodation facilities. It not only brings significant time savings, but also minimises the error rate. We have everything available in the cloud and in a mobile version, so you can manage your device from anywhere.


The offer of packages is a nice addition to the sale of accommodation. With our Voucher Shop service, you can make it very easy for your clients to purchase a package in the form of an open voucher that they can give as a gift. Or a voucher with a nominal value that can be used for specified services.


Not only for wellness hotels, we also offer our Wellness & Spa module, which will significantly facilitate the work with procedure reservations for guests accommodated and not accommodated and will bring further automation to your processes.


Last but not least, we also offer the Online Check-in service, which is becoming very popular due to the current situation, as it prevents the accumulation of clients at the reception desk and speeds up the entire accommodation process.

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