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Motivation to complete a direct booking

The price competitor tool motivates the guest in the Bookolo Booking Engine to complete a direct booking based on the best price. The comparison widget shows the price of a direct booking for the date selected by the guest compared to prices on other sales channels connected to our Bookolo Channel Manager. Optimum settings are important, but also the price for direct booking should always be the most advantageous.

Instant price overview

Price Competitor is shown to the guest immediately upon entering  Bookolo Booking Engine, and the prices thus change dynamically by selecting the reservation date. The prices are therefore always relevant to the selected preferences. Should a situation arise where the price on one of the other sales channels is lower than on the hotel’s own website, i.e. in Bookolo Booking Engine, this sales channel, or the entire price comparator in Bookolo Booking Engine, is disabled.

Design of Price Competitor according to your preference

Due to the different design preferences of our clients, it is possible to choose the preferred appearance and location of Price Competior from the supported variants directly in the Bookolo Booking Engine administration. There is an interactive widget, a comparator in the form of a link, or a fixed window in the right bar of the reservation system.

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We believe that there is nothing above personal experience. For this reason we created a demo version.

What Bookolo clients say

In 2022, we made a significant upgrade by switching from our previous booking engine to the Bookolo Booking Engine, resulting in a substantial increase in the number of bookings made through our website. The primary advantage of this transition is the user-friendly booking process for our customers, along with a range of additional features that enhance our interactions with them. This is why I confidently endorse it.

Vladimír Halgaš

I have been working with Booking Engine by Bookola for several years. The system is constantly evolving and improving. I appreciate especially its user simplicity, intuitiveness and complexity. It fits perfectly with the minimalistic design of our website. In addition to BE, we also use a Voucher Shop and a module for managing wellness reservations. I must also praise praise the great work of the support and the shop, which solves any query in a flash. Switching to Bookolo has saved me a lot of time, freed up my hands in managing packages and quotes and helped with supporting direct bookings.  

Vendula Gajová
Managing Director Monastery Garden Prague

We have been using Bookolo products in our hotel for many years and have been extremely satisfied with the technical quality of the products and the flawless support. The web solution was one of the first and, we are still amazed by its timeless design and concept. Next came the booking system itself, which, according to internal statistics, had an immediate positive impact due to its user-friendliness, simplicity and also due to a greater pull on the gate in the form of direct bookings than what we were used to with our former provider. At the same time, I would like to acknowledge the personal approach from all Bookolo staff, who have been helpful to our team with technical and organisational issues. In particular, the close cooperation in the implementation of each product was important and beneficial. 

Ondřej Matiášek
General Manager Congress & Wellness Hotel Olšanka SUPERIOR

For myself, I can say that Bookolo is not only a great system that improves based on your needs, but also ga team of great people who are always willing to give you advice. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Radka Šafaříková
Sales & Marketing manager Hotel Špindlerova Bouda

The cooperation with the Bookolo System is really excellent. Global Payments is a payment service provider, and if a hotel needs to enable immediate payment upon a booking engine, for example, Bookolo actively recommends Global Payments' solution. We appreciate the company's pro-customer approach to the needs of their customers, which can be seen in the fact that they have prepared their system in such a way that deploying the payment gateway is really easy and fast. Our payment gateway is also fully integrated with the Bookolo booking system, allowing for easy transaction management. Last but not least, we value great communication and a personal approach to each customer, values that we also cherish as Global Payments. Bookolo takes an interest in every customer they recommend the solution to and is keen to get it up and running. Their work certainly doesn't end with the signing of a contract. I wish the Czech business environment had more companies like this.

Milan Lípa
Manager for major accounts, Global Payments

We have been using Bookolo System products, services and modules in our hotel division for several years to our complete satisfaction. The systems are state-of-the-art and dynamically evolving, actively responding to the current stimuli of the rapidly evolving online hotel environment, without which today's hotel cannot function adequately and competitively. In the time we have been using Bookolo, the volume of direct bookings in our hotels has increased several times. Bookolo is intuitive, efficient and simple.

Martin Novota
Director of the hotel division, Absolutum Group

Bookolo? Simply number one! In a market full of different hotel systems, it's not easy to navigate. Here we were impressed by the clear design and at first glance everything we would expect a hotel system to do. After the first meeting it was clear that we were heading in the right direction. As the system admin, I am extremely satisfied with the care and patience of the support. Training, fine-tuning details, consulting over setup and debugging comments or suggestions from our side, all handled quickly and with a very friendly approach. I'm so sorry that everything is already running without the need to contact support :slightly_smiling_face: They are really great! Thank you and wish you many happy clients!

Renáta Prokopová
Marketing Two Fingers

Q&A Price comparison tool

All questions

What are the conditions for using Price Competitor module?

The main requirement is  Channel Manager and Booking Engine from Bookolo. The system then displays prices according to the OTAs connected to Channel Manager.

How many OTAs can be displayed in the price competitor?

The maximum number of OTAs displayed in Price Competitor is 3 sales channels. In case you have more OTAs connected to Bookolo Channel Manager, there is an option in the administration to choose which OTAs will be displayed in Price Competitor.

Can I choose the design of Price Competitor in the mobile version of Booking Engine?

Due to the design and responsiveness of the mobile version of the Bookolo Booking Engine, the in-line Price Competitor design is the only design available.

How can I guarantee the lowest possible price for a direct booking versus the prices in connected OTAs?

Bookolo Channel Manager has several custom pricing options available in OTAs to ensure you get the best deal for a direct booking in your Booking Engine. We will be happy to present you all the options. 

What is the process of implementation of Price Competitor?

There is no need to implement Price Competitor to Booking Engine - you simply activate this feature in the Bookolo administration. The settings also offer the option to deactivate it in case you do not want to display the Price Compatitor for the selected period. 

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