Unique design and graphics

In the Bookolo system, we try to always be one step ahead and follow the latest trends not only in system development, but also in graphic design. We subsequently apply these news and trends to our modules and services so that our clients have the opportunity to make full use of them.


We mainly emphasise modern and clean graphics. Our Bookolo Booking Engine and other modules are not only user-friendly but also visually attractive. Displaying rooms, discounts, packages, vouchers or wellness services on offer is clear for the client and the booking process is simple and intuitive.


Our latest “trick” is the dark mode. Compared to our classic light mode, it gives the booking engine a completely new look and is sure to be a welcome alternative for many hotels. The background is in dark colours, the text and graphic elements are light. Its advantage also lies in the minimisation of blue light, which leads to increased readability and reduces eye strain.


Furthermore, for better orientation of clients when booking, we added field highlighting for entering promo code and voucher. These promo codes can be very well used to motivate regular guests to make further direct bookings and at the same time for marketing purposes.


For more interesting news that you can expect in the near future, follow our Bookolo Changelog.

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