Offer your guests the opportunity to give a voucher as a gift

Do you know that the trend of recent years is gifting an experience? Do you already have an offer of packages and vouchers on your website, or are you just thinking about it? Indian summer is over, get ready for Christmas and start offering online gift vouchers.


Prepare an offer of interesting packages and vouchers for your clients. With the Bookolo System, you can set everything up quickly, start selling your capacities more effectively, support the sale of other services and differentiate your offer from the offers of OTAs. Packages are a standard part of the Bookolo Booking Engine and we have a special Bookolo Voucher Shop module for selling vouchers. With the right combination of both modules, you will get another significant increase in your revenue.


Clients order packages directly for a specific date of stay. Vouchers have an open term, with a specific validity date, and are therefore suitable as a gift. These gift vouchers apply to a specific service or package but can also be sold with a certain nominal value, with the possibility of using them for the services of the hotel of your choice.


The booking process is clear and fast for the client. Packages and vouchers can be paid immediately, automatically sent and redeemed if you have an integrated payment gateway. All of this significantly saves you time and automates processes.


With Bookolo Booking Engine, you don’t have to worry about a lengthy setup. Our system is very simple and intuitive. Setting up a package or voucher takes a minimum of time. Pricing packages is easy. We have various modules available that work with fixed prices as well as prices according to the length of stay and the season.


Are you interested in our packages and vouchers? We will be happy to provide you with more information.


Your Bookolo team

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