Bookolo Channel Manager

Channel Manager is an indispensable tool in the hospitality industry. It brings not only a significant saving of time, but also a minimisation of the error rate. Investing in a quality central system for sending prices, availability and restrictions will definitely pay off.


Why should you choose Bookolo Channel Manager? Here are some basic specifications of our system to give you a clear picture of what we offer and what our biggest asset is:


  • Connection and setup is easy. After enabling connectivity with the Bookolo system on the OTA side and sending a simple matching table by the client, we will map the rooms and rates, which will then be e-mailed to the hotel for approval. This eliminates complex settings for the hotelier and significantly prevents possible initial errors.
  • Prices, availability and restrictions are updated immediately with any change made in Bookolo or PMS. Similarly, writing of reservations to PMS takes place in the real time. In addition, automatic synchronisation of systems runs once a day.
  • Another very handy function is the possibility to update and control individual OTAs and booking engines separately. In practice, this means that you can have different prices and availability on different sales channels. There is also an option to set the availability ratio between OTA and Bookolo Booking Engine. All this allows you to manage prices and capacities even more effectively, and you can decide for yourself where and for how much you will sell.
  • A significant advantage of Bookolo Channel Manager compared to most competing systems is complete support in the Czech Republic. So you can phone or e-mail us at any time and we will attend to you in the shortest possible time.


Examples of individual OTA channels with which Bookolo Channel Manager communicates are, for example:, Expedia, Previo (, AirBnb, HotelBeds, Agoda,  Slevomat - Termino, Trevor.

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