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Keep track of all the most important news and follow our Bookolo Changelog, where we regularly introduce the changes and improvements we’ve made to the Bookolo System over the past months. This gives you the opportunity to try new features as soon as possible and be ahead of the competition.


The Bookolo system is constantly working to improve and update all systems. Feedback from clients is very important to us, and we continuously incorporate your material suggestions with added value into the system. In the past months, we have prepared several novelties for you.

You can view them all in our Bookolo Changelog -


If we are to name some of them, the expansion of Bookolo Channel Manager functions, namely the conclusion of individual OTAs (e.g. Expedia or for selected dates, is worth mentioning. You can thus easily and quickly determine on which OTAs channels and in which dates you want to sell your capacities and thus significantly save on commissions.


Another significant innovation is our cooperation and connection with the spa and rehabilitation software LBIS/4G from LAURYN. We are the only one on the market with this active connection, and in combination with a sophisticated module for packages, we are the ideal choice for spa hotels, which is also proven by our existing clientele. The sale of vouchers is also linked to spa and wellness hotels, which is already fully automated thanks to this connection and thus significantly facilitates the work of our clients.


Upselling e-mails is now available with the ability to set the time each type of e-mail is sent. Whether it’s e-mails you send to guests before their stay, after their stay, or a reminder e-mail. For all of them, you can now schedule your ideal sending time as you see fit. For example, you can use these e-mails to facilitate check-in, actively offer to sell additional services, ask for a review, send a promo code for your next visit or simply remind yourself and say hello to your guests.


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