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Interactive map in Booking Engine

Bookolo has come up with yet another improvement that has been integrated for the Bookolo Booking Engine - redesign of the "Map" tab, which the guest can click on during the booking process. 


Previously, the "Map" was only used to display the specific geographical location of your accommodation.


After this update, the "Map" will change to the "Location" tab. This new version of the view still retains its simplicity, but has been redesigned into a more modern graphical layout and adds several key pieces of information for your guest, including one new feature. You can see a preview of "Location" on our demo version:


The guest will now see the classic Google Maps location, while having basic contact and orientation information about your accommodation below the map. 

The biggest new feature is the addition of a "Location" section to the map view.


Within the Bookolo administration, you will now have the option to define several "Locations" in the hotel settings - these "Locations" can, for example, represent interesting places in your area that your guest can visit. 


You can give these locations a name, a short description and define specific GPS coordinates for them in the system. The guest can then click on this location in the booking engine and it will automatically appear on the map, so they will have an immediate overview of how far away the location is from your accommodation.


We believe that this enhancement and the Bookolo Booking Engine's overview of all relevant information about the hotel and its surroundings will be an even greater motivation for the guest to quickly and easily complete their booking at your property.


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