Google introduces a revolutionary new feature: Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) is the world's most widely used analytics platform, used by nearly half of all websites worldwide - and for good reason. It's powerful, easy to use, and gives you insights into your website's traffic and performance that you wouldn't otherwise have access to. Google is now coming out with a new feature in the form of Google Analytics 4 (GA4), which means, among other things, that all current versions of Google Analytics will be disabled and will stop working as of June 30. Anyone who doesn't switch to GA4 in time will have no data. 


The new GA4 will be fully integrated in our booking system, Bookolo, so you will have a smooth transition to the new analytics without losing your booking data. Measurement is handled by a direct connection between Bookolo and Google servers and should ensure maximum data integrity.


What can you expect from GA4 in general?


Google Analytics 4 brings more than one change in new features that will give you even more insight into how your customers are engaging with your site.


Improved automatic measurement of key events


GA4 has a number of new events in it in addition to the regular measurement events. These measurements include:


  • Searches on your site
  • Clicks outside your site
  • Scrolling
  • File downloads
  • Playing videos


This measurement does not even need to be implemented additionally.


Unlimited data collection

  • Universal Analytics and its data collection has always had its limits, which smaller sites could often run into. GA4 has no limitations yet.


More efficient measurement and reduced load

  • Requests from the site are not sent immediately, but if multiple factors change and multiple events occur, it waits and then sends all those events at once. This then leads to a reduction in the number of such requests sent to the Google Analytics servers and ultimately results in a reduced load and a faster functioning site.


Advanced analysis in the GA interface

  • In GA4, thanks to pre-made templates or the creation of custom reports with visualizations, it is possible to work with data at a higher quality and level. We are talking about the Analysis Hub tool, which creates advanced reports directly in the GA4 console. Previously, this tool was only available in a paid version, it is no longer provided to users for free.


Default IP anonymization settings

  • It is the duty of every website owner to protect the privacy of users, therefore IP addresses must be anonymized, which are personal data of users in terms of GDPR. In Universal Analytics, the configuration of the measurement code had to be modified, in GA4 the mentioned function is already pre-set.


A significant change is that GA4 allows you to collect data directly from users' browsers instead of having to rely on cookies or other third-party tools. This means that you'll be able to get more accurate metrics on the behavior of each individual visitor to your site, instead of just looking at aggregate numbers of all visitors combined into one big chunk of data.


With a new focus on user experience and customer satisfaction, Google Analytics 4 will help you better understand how your customers interact with your site so you can optimize it for their needs.



Don't want to lose the data you've collected after shutting down UA and want to continue to use analytics to its fullest?



Google Analytics 4 is the solution. However, any solution needs to be set up accurately, correctly and ideally so that your Booking Engine Bookolo continues to measure all the important data correctly. And we have the solution ready.


We will provide our implementation services for either a one-time fee or a continuous monthly payment, in which additional conversion and measurement codes can be inserted into your administration completely free of charge. Just contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a solution and next steps.


I want to switch to Google Analytics 4

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