Voucher Shop update

Bookolo is constantly bringing you various updates, improvements, news, and for the second time we presented them to you online through a webinar that took place on 17 May. Whether you attended it or not, we would like to remind you of what we have prepared for you.


Recently we have been working a lot on your much beloved Voucher Shop. We focused on improving the customer purchase process and graphics. Vouchers are now divided into categories  “vouchers, “packages” and “products. With this, we once again expanded our clients’ possibilities of online sales , for example, of various products or services of restaurants and tastings.

Our Voucher Shop module has four different ways to sell vouchers, so each hotel can choose what suits them best. In addition, the client can now choose one of six voucher designs, write a dedication, send as a gift and have it delivered electronically or by post.


The system can combine the sale of, for example, another type of voucher, package or other product within one purchase and thus contributes to further simplifying the booking process. Significant acceleration is also brought by   Payment Gateway Implementation and Service  Payment Matching, which we can also provide for you. Thanks to this automation, the voucher is sent, after payment, to the client’s e-mail without the need for manual intervention.


Customer online voucher redemption is possible for those who have our Bookolo Booking Engine. Such a reservation is made using a unique code, and accommodation providers now have the option to choose dates when these vouchers cannot be used for booking.

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