Extension of Bookolo Channel Manager with Slevomat – Termino

Just a few years ago, very few people would be happy to place their four-star hotel with a wellness center on and Zľ, let alone brag about it. But the situation has changed over the years and it is definitely different now. In 2017, our biggest discount portal Slevomat announced that it no longer wants to sell at deep discounts but will instead focus on more luxury goods and selling tours and holidays. It is a question of what percentage of hoteliers took note of this, but the truth is that the number of very high-quality hotels on offer on the portal began to increase rapidly. It gradually became a very beneficial channel for many operators of accommodation facilities.


With the increasing number of hotels using Slevomat, the connection of Bookolo Channel Manager with Termin, which serves as a booking system for the and Zľ portals, became a necessity. Thanks to this new feature, hotels can conveniently manage their capacities and reservations from one place. The current time is suitable for expanding the portfolio by OTAs with a focus on domestic clientele, and Slevomat, which currently has an average of around 300,000 website visitors per day, has the best prerequisites for this.

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