Innovations and improvements in 2021

Bookolo products have undergone significant changes and improvements this year. All these improvements are based on the latest technology trends in the hospitality industry. We also take into account all stimulating comments from you, our clients. More innovations will follow in the new year 2022.


In order for everything to work as it should, we purchased a new and more powerful server for the Bookolo system and optimised the Bookolo extranet.


Bookolo Booking Engine has undergone dynamic calendar and system registration optimisation. We have expanded the supported language mutations and improved the options for offering private rates. Also significant is our new connection to partner OTA Trevor and connection to PMS LAURYN - Spa and rehabilitation software LBIS/4G.


Bookolo Channel Manager has moved up a level again. We have made optimisations and improvements, such as the possibility of sending the price to OTAs in the Occupancy Based Pricing or Standard Pricing module and the function for closing individual OTAs for selected dates. In addition, Channel Manager has been enhanced with the ability to send different percentage price increases for selected OTAs at a set date. Another innovation is the autopilot not only for revenue management but also the extension of OTA Termino (,


We have not forgotten our Voucher Shop, which has a new function for extending the validity of vouchers and applying them in the Booking Engine and expanding the filtering of purchased vouchers. Furthermore, the export of purchased vouchers to Excel and PDF, anonymisation of client data after purchasing a voucher, and the use of vouchers on all devices of the hotel network are also newly available.


We have also expanded Online Check-in for Bookolo Channel Manager, and the invitation to create an online check-in is already sent 2 days before arrival to clients who have made a reservation on an OTA, such as


Wellness & Spa module has been extended by the export of reservations, more detailed filtering, and a new function of shared capacity of wellness services has been created. For our Payment Gateway Implementation service, we have increased the number of supported payment gateways and added a get payment status implementation.


A brand new service at the beginning of the year was our Payment Matching service, which brings further automation to hotel financial processes and was certainly welcomed by many of you.


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