How has Covid-19 changed the hospitality segment?

Covid-19 has affected almost every industry across the world, and we can certainly agree that the hospitality segment has been one of the most affected. Travel was red-carded for a while and income came to a complete halt. However, we hope that everything will slowly return to normal or at least to the “new normal”. It is clear to us that travel will never be the same as we knew it before 2020. So what are the main interventions in the hospitality segment and what should you prepare for in the future? We will talk about that in today's article.


  • Regular communication with guests


Talk to your guests and make them feel important. And how to talk to them if you can’t get in direct contact with them? Well, online! Through your social media, emailing or your website. Be careful about the content you share with them and especially how and when you share it. Also, make sure that posts always include all important information up to date. And always remember the principle of quality over quantity.


  • Website optimisation for direct bookings


The second point directly follows on from regular and, above all, correct communication with guests. Nowadays, having an optimised website is absolutely necessary because more people are online than ever before. The goal is direct bookings, which can be achieved precisely through this optimisation, which can include, for example, special offers and, of course, the best offered price on the market.


  • Online Check-in


In addition to increased hygiene, which is perhaps already a common standard today, you should implement as many contactless processes as possible in your hotel. One of them can be, for example, online check-in and check-out. We also offer this service for our clients within the Bookolo system. If you are interested in more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Parking


Another change that can be expected is traveling on one’s own. In practice, this means that guests will come to you more often in their own car. It also follows that they will be interested in whether you, as a hotel, have parking spaces available. You can also turn hotel parking into a competitive advantage and include it in one of the special offers.


  • Local guests


Also prepare for the fact that local guests will come to you much more often. So, if you have until now adapted your services to foreign tourists, you need to look around your own surroundings and become interesting for local guests as well.

However, many more of these changes are likely to await us. We have decided to highlight the most important ones for you, and we hope that together we will withstand this time as best we can. If you are interested in additional information regarding individual points, do not hesitate to contact our colleague Ivana, who will be happy to discuss with you, for example, the possibilities of optimising your website or the implementation of Online Check-in.

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