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Why should I consider Bookolo CRM?

The Bookolo CRM system consists of several modules that combine to provide an effective tool for easier communication and relationship building with your guests. Everything is under common administration with other Bookolo modules including the booking system. Thanks to the interconnection, you will save yourself a lot of work with the usual routine agenda.


  • You get a clear record of all direct inquiries from individual clients or travel agencies.
  • In a few clicks you can create offers according to your current rates and room types with the possibility of discounts or benefits.
  • Working with email campaigns will now be easier and more efficient and you will get additional direct bookings.
  • More detailed statistics of the Bookolo booking system and its modules (Wellness & Spa, Voucher shop).
  • Individual approach and training according to the type of your hotel or guesthouse.

*Bookolo CRM is a product directly connected to the Bookolo booking system and you must use our booking system to use it.

Offers module

The module offers the possibility to record and process direct inquiries from clients and travel agencies, from which you can create specific stay offers. Everything is linked to current rates, packages and room availability directly from the booking engine. You have the option to offer up to 3 stay alternatives including a customized discount. When creating the final PDF offer, you can choose from a variety of graphic designs and add, for example, a business card, a custom message or attach additional attachments (such as your extra services). From the offer you can click directly into the booking engine and complete the payment. The reservation is sent into the PMS system without the need for manual creation.

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Emailing module

Take advantage of automatic emails connected to other Bookolo modules, but also to the guest database from PMS. There are several automatic emails available, such as holiday wishes, birthday wishes, rewards for the number of bookings or a reminder for voucher expiration. Of course there are automatic emails for online check-in, pre-arrival and post-arrival emails. In addition, you get the ability to create campaigns, which is very simple as it works on a component-based system that allows for easy customization of the design and structure. Statistics are also included to help you evaluate your campaigns.

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Advanced statistics

Much more detailed statistics than you see within the booking engine. For example, you will be able to see statistics on stays of families with children or sales of different types of packages within the season. In addition, the module will also provide you with a graphical representation of more detailed statistics for modules such as Voucher Shop and Wellness & Spa.

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Want to know more?

We believe there is nothing like personal experience. Contact us and we will be happy to show you everything.

Is it possible to use the "Offers" module individually?

The module is directly connected to the Bookolo Booking Engine, from where all the necessary data (availability, prices, etc.) is extracted to create the offer. It is therefore not possible to use the module individually.

Can I change the offer after sending it to the client?

Yes, this option is available in the system - just change the preferred dates and resend the offer to the client's email.

Can I customize the price of my offer?

Yes this option is available. Primarily, prices are based on the set packages and rates in the Booking Engine, but the final price can then be adjusted according to preference with a percentage or absolute discou

Is it possible to set an expiry date on offer?

Of course, the validity can be set both in terms of date and time. After the expiration of the date on the offer, it is no longer possible to complete the online booking.

We have an enquiry form on the hotel website, is it possible to automatically enter enquiries from the form into the CRM module "Offers"?

This option is not an automatic part of the module due to the wide range of enquiry forms. In this case, do not hesitate to contact us and we will individually discuss the possibilities of linking your enquiry form with the "Offers" module.

Do I have a general overview of the status of created requests and offers in CRM Offers?

Yes, the module has a dashboard where you can filter according to your needs and preferences.

The CRM module "Advanced Statistics" works with a fixed time period for one month to display detailed statistics of modules?

In the module it is possible to set the exact period from when to when the data should be displayed. For some specific statistics, however, the display is only monthly because of the evaluation objectives.

Which contact lists does the system generate automatically in the CRM module "Emailing"?

The system automatically generates a contact list of guests who have consented in the Booking Engine or other Bookolo module to receive marketing communications from the hotel before completing their booking. In addition, the system also automatically generates a contact list of registered guests or guests according to the selected area of interest during registration.

Is the number of contacts for sending campaigns limited in the CRM module "Emailing"? 

In case you are working with a relatively larger customer database, we have an option for you to send your mailings via an external email partner - Mailgun.

Can I use my own email template for mailings?

Yes, this option is available. If you already have a template, you can upload it to the system as an HTML template.  In case you are interested in creating a customized template, it is possible to make individual arrangements based on the order.

Does the emailing module include statistics for individual campaigns?

Of course, statistics are available for every campaign you send. The system also works with general, aggregated statistics for all campaigns on the dashboard.

Do I have the option in the system to send a test email before setting up a mailing?

Yes, this option is available throughout the creation of the mailing - just enter the email you wish to send the test to.

From which email will mailings to clients be sent?

Mailing will be sent to clients from email according to your preference - at the beginning of the cooperation you will only need to set up DNS records based on the manual.

Do I have the option to choose which of the automated emails I wish to use?

Like most features in Bookolo, individual emails work on an activation and deactivation basis.

Is it possible to use only one of the CRM system modules or do you offer them only as a comprehensive solution?

The CRM system is implemented in modules and therefore we can offer you only selected modules from the CRM system.

Is it possible to use CRM for hotel groups?

Yes, the CRM module "Emailing" has a specific approach and functions for chain hotels. However, the Offers and Statistics modules work individually for each hotel, due to their functionality and interconnection to the individual Bookolo modules.

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