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Google introduces a revolutionary new feature: Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) is the world's most widely used analytics platform, used by nearly half of all websites worldwide - and for good reason. It's powerful, easy to use, and gives you insights into your website's traffic and performance that you wouldn't otherwise have access to. Google is now coming out with a new feature in the form of Google Analytics 4 (GA4), which means, among other things, that all current versions of Google Analytics will be disabled and will stop working as of June 30. Anyone who doesn't switch to GA4 in time will have no data available.
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Interactive map in Booking Engine

Bookolo has come up with yet another improvement that has been integrated for the Bookolo Booking Engine - redesign of the "Map" tab, which the guest can click on during the booking process. 
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Voucher Shop update

Bookolo is constantly bringing you various updates, improvements, news, and for the second time we presented them to you online through a webinar that took place on 17 May. Whether you attended it or not, we would like to remind you of what we have prepared for you.
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Bookolo Booking Engine tools to support direct sales

Our direct sales promotion tools work on the basis of your activation, so you can decide for yourself whether to use them or not.
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Over 70 partners participated in our first webinar

The fact that we are constantly working on our system and improving it is nothing new. But we have recently decided to share our improvements and gadgets with you in person and bring more interaction to mutual communication. This is why we started organising online webinars this year.
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More new features for Bookolo

Exploring the ever-evolving digital landscape and your feedback lead to effective change. On the basis of our cooperation, we have also added the following general functionalities to the system.
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