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What will help the client to choose you?

If you have a well-maintained, clear and responsive website, and you use the benefits and reach of social media, clients will not only find you easily, but also will prefer you. The future guest of your hotel will take a leisurely look at the hotel and the services offered from home and finally book the one they like the best. Investing in a high-quality website and associated activities, such as online marketing and SEO, will reward you not only with an increase in revenue, but above all with a satisfied client.


The basis is for the website to be user-friendly so that it is easy to navigate and the data the user needs is loaded quickly. The exact location of the hotel, a brief description of the equipment supplemented with quality photos, transport connections and the situation in the surroundings is the basis. As well as highlighting current events and offers that take place in the given period. It is advisable to provide information briefly, to the point and with maximum guidance.


The photo gallery will make the selection and booking of the stay much easier for the client. The gallery does not have to be extensive. On the contrary, overwhelming the client with a lot of photos can be a nuissance. Quality clearly wins over quantity here. Basic, but professionally done photo documentation of individual types/categories of rooms is advisable. In this way, the client will book the stay without doubt and with certainty.


The information available can, for example, contain reviews of satisfied clients. These will help the client to plan their stay in detail. They will learn about all the possibilities of staying in the hotel, the surrounding natural and cultural attractions, and their impressions will not be spoiled even by bad weather. They will see how other satisfied guests spent their time in the same circumstances.


Feedback from clients will provide you with the most valuable information. The advantage of online booking, in addition to the increase in revenue, is the acquisition of contacts. You can send newsletters to them, while at any time, you can contact the client with a specific question about quality or their opinion on the possibility of upgrading your services.

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