What can I do for the hotel during the coronavirus lockdown?

The world is upside down and the Czech Republic with it. The coronavirus epidemic hit us unexpectedly, quickly and on a large scale. The lockdown and several related measures, including the ban on accommodation services, have had a huge impact on the tourism industry. It is necessary to think about the problem from a long-term point of view and mainly to think about the positive aspects, which despite all the negatives, the current situation may bring. So try to see this dark time as an opportunity for greater transformation of your business.




1. Look ahead and prepare for new guests

As providers of the Bookolo online booking system, we believe that this situation is only temporary, and we look forward to the reopening and the influx of new guests with you. As soon as the lockdown is over, people will want to live again, get to know each other and treat themselves again after a period of self-denial. Get on their wishlist and do your best to win them today! In addition to the booking system, we also offer you the possibility of consultations and help with online marketing.

We will prepare a digital strategy for you with a focus on the medium term. We will select suitable channels according to your target group and the locations from which guests come to you. We will set the budget so that not a penny is wasted.

At the same time, now is the perfect time to improve the current website that you have been putting off for a long time. It is now important to prepare for the post-crisis era and to be ready and always ahead of the competition. We can help you with data analysis of the current website, find weak points and improve everything together to make the new start easier.


2. Be concerned with your image and make yourself known!

Cancelling the reservation was certainly difficult even for your guests.  Whether they were going to visit you on vacation or for work reasons. So stay connected with them at least through social media. Be active! Share! Inform your customers about renovations, modifications, concept changes, upcoming programs, or introduce your team members to them. Reassure them and list the hygiene measures you implement these days. Give them a behind-the-scenes look at the hotel. Ask questions and be interested in their suggestions and wishes. Don’t know how to work with social media?

We will be happy to help you with the preparation of communication and the management of social profiles. Together with you, we will prepare a long-term plan that we will be able to use even after the biggest crisis has subsided.

We will create content for you, prepare stimuli for communication and help you maintain awareness among existing and new customers.

3. Save costs and get the most out of direct sales

The aim of every hotel will now be to save unnecessary costs. One way is to skip intermediaries and guide guests to direct bookings. You can achieve this with our Bookolo booking system. This system will also help you get a better overview of sales and the most requested services. As direct sales profits increase, booking costs decrease. Thanks to its efficiency, you will also save time that you can devote to your guests and the development of your hotel.


Other benefits are: 

  • Easy booking process in 2 steps
  • Payment via payment gateway
  • High rate of completed bookings
  • Intuitive administration for managing accommodation capacities and prices
  • Flexibility and connectivity with the existing hotel system
  • Continuous technical development and innovation


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