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Voucher Shop as a smart marketing tool

What is our most popular Bookolo service?

In this article, we would like to introduce you to one of the most popular Bookolo services. And why is it so popular? It enables you to sell hotel services, packages and accommodation capacities. All this absolutely simply directly on your website.


Voucher Shop by Bookolo is an intuitive and clear system with e-shop functions. It is a place where you can offer your products and services separately, independently of the accommodation capacity or the openness of the hotel. You can start using Voucher Shop very quickly, just contact us and we will activate the module for you within a few minutes. Voucher Shop can also be connected to a payment gateway, or automatically match payments made by bank transfer.


If you decide for Voucher Shop, it will be up to you to choose which products, services or packages you want to sell. Vouchers can have a fixed or open value. You can get an overview of which types of vouchers are most popular with clients directly in the Bookolo administration. Here you will find all the data about your sold vouchers – client name, date of purchase, validity, value and day of application. Then comes the time to choose a voucher design. You can use our template for free, or have an original design created according to your wishes – e.g. with a logo or a photo of the hotel. All set? Now you can look forward to new customers!


Why will customers like to shop in your Voucher Shop?

  • Purchasing vouchers directly from the provider is safe for them
  • The voucher will be sent immediately after payment to the selected e-mail
  • If it is a gift, the value may not be shown on the voucher
  • When connected to the Bookolo Booking Engine, the voucher can be automatically redeemed when booking


Would you like to start using Voucher Shop today? Just contact our sales manager Ivana Veselá, who will be happy to take care of you.


Contact: Ivana Veselá

+420 720226733

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