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Bookolo Online Check-in or invest your time wisely

We live in an accelerated age where time is an expensive commodity. So let’s not waste it and use it in the most efficient way possible.

As part of the development of our Bookolo booking system, we have created a completely new module for you, which will make many tasks easier and more efficient for you and your employees. This is Online Check-in. This service is nothing new, especially with airlines, where it is even an expected standard. Recently, this service is becoming more and more common in the hotel industry. With regard to recent events, it is expected that even the guests themselves will seek this service and at the same time consider it an advantage. So why not reach out to them?

Enough has been said about efficiency and future trends. Let’s see what specific benefits Online Check-in can bring you. There are quite a few of them.

No long waiting at the reception desk. 
Hotels can finally be opened again, but it is important not to forget to observe the necessary hygiene measures, such as distance and not gathering in large numbers of people. Thanks to Online Check-in, queues will no longer form at the reception of your hotel, and your guests will welcome a smooth arrival without the need to wait long for their room key.

All in one place
Build long-term relationships, that alone is the key to success. Thanks to Online Check-in, you can get the necessary contacts, which you can then use for the necessary marketing activities and thus focus more on personalised offers for your guests. You will have these contacts clearly stored in the Bookolo administration. Subsequent contacting will therefore never be easier, and the system is fully automatic.

An unforgettable stay
Let guests manage their own reservations. They gain a sense of trust and you in turn save time. You can invest it in activities that will lead to securing higher standards. Your guests will very much welcome the option of Online Check-in, mainly because of the intuitive and simple operation. After receiving the e-mail, all you have to do is click on the link, which will redirect the guest to the Online Check-in module. Here, the guest fills in the necessary information, sends it and then receives a confirmation e-mail with information about the prepared key to their room.

Direct booking support
Online Check-in can also be one of your many competitive advantages. People often book their stays on various accommodation websites where this option is not offered. However, if they book directly on your website, they not only get a better price, but also gain valuable time to explore the destination thanks to fast and intuitive Online Check-in.

Employee efficiency in the first place
Every hotel has the so-called “rush hours”, when long queues form at the reception desk and the receptionists often do not know what to do first. Thanks to Online Check-in, they will have more time for a warm welcome and will greatly speed up the accommodation process. This again leads to an increase in guest satisfaction with the entire accommodation process and an unforgettable vacation or business trip experience.


If you are interested in integrating the Online Check-in module into your system, please contact us. We will be happy to explain everything to you and then install it. We believe that better times are coming, and that is why it is not time to waste time and go for new opportunities.

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