Voucher Shop update

Bookolo is constantly coming up with various updates, improvements and news. Moreover, for the second time this year we presented these updates and news to you online through a webinar that took place on 17.5.2022. Whether you've attended or not, we'd love to remind you of what's new for you.

We have focused our updates on lately very popular module Voucher Shop. We have concentrated on improving the customer purchase process and graphics of the module. The vouchers are newly categorized into "vouchers" "packages" and "products". With this update, we have also expanded our clients' online sales options to include, for example, various products or restaurant and tasting services. 

Our Voucher Shop offers four different price modules to sell vouchers, so each hotel can choose what suits them best. In addition, the client can now choose one of six voucher designs, write a dedication, send voucher as a gift and have it delivered electronically or by post service. 

The system is able to combine the sale of more voucher types, package or other product within one purchase for simplification of the purchase process. The Implementation of a payment gateway and the Payment Pairing service, which we can also provide, also brings significant automation and speed up of the processes. Thanks to this automation, the voucher is sent to the customer's email automatically after payment. 

Redeeming a voucher online is possible for those who also use our Bookolo Booking Engine. Such bookings are made using a unique code, and hotels now have the option to select dates when these vouchers cannot be redeemend for reservation.