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Bookolo system


Bookolo system is an online reservation system designed to allow every customer to quickly and comfortably complete their chosen reservation at any time and from anywhere. Direct booking of the accommodation takes only two steps with immediate completion on the hotel website.

With Bookolo you will have an overview of all bookings and you can easily determine prices and capacities.

Complete booking systemand web solution Support 24/7 Consultation Marketingperformance Revenue Connecivity
Complete booking system and web solution
Marketing performance
Support 24/7
Custom-made <br/>reservation system

Booking Engine

reservation system

It brings the maximum profit from direct sales through the hotels website. Innovative accommodation management solutions as well as an easy way to book directly for your customers.

We will simply create a reservation system and its connection to distribution channels, set up the automation process, help optimize management tools, and evaluate the results together.

  • It always offers an intuitive solution in managing hotel capacities
  • A simple way to make a reservation and instantly complete on the hotel's website
  • Clear and intuitive administration
Fully manage your capabilities

Bookolo Channel Manager

Fully manage your capabilities

Synchronizes prices and capacity with selected OTA, hotel web and hotel PMS. Updates prices, number of rooms for sale in selected OTAs, accepts reservations and inserts into PMS.

Works online in cloud solution = no software required to install.

  • Selected OTA links
  • Language mutations and multicurrencies 
  • Effective work with prices and accommodation capacities WEB / OTA
  • Option to update 365 days 24 hours without limit
We have a solution <br/>for everyone


We have a solution
for everyone

We will go through every facet of your project. We will analyze and examine it thoroughly. Our Graphic design team will redesign your project and will always focus on keeping a  modern design with maximum user-friendliness, transparency and maximum sale performance on your own website. With our solution, you can quickly and efficiently manage your entire website with automatic updates and content management system.

We also offer a cost-effective solution in the form of prepared hotel templates - BOOKOLO WEB SOLUTION.

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