Here are the most asked questions regarding Bookolo products and services

How much will I pay?

Bookolo system, as its integration into your system is free for you. You only pay based on the selected business model of your choosing.

Commission model, you pay only when the customer books your accommodation through Bookolo. Commissions are around 4%. However, the minimum payment is 39EUR if the booking fee does not reach this minimum amount.
Monthly fee model, you pay a monthly amount based on the number of rooms and you will not be charged any other commissions for the booked stay.

Does Bookolo have any limitations?

We do not know about any restrictions. Bookolo's booking system is intuitive, flexible and ready to grow along with your business. Focus with Bookolo on direct reservations and easily save on OTA commissions.

Why should I choose Bookolo?

Bookolo system is the most efficient and most advanced booking system currently available on the market. Using technology, experience and a focus on user-friendliness, we can help improve your business results.

Could you help me with online marketing?

Abolutely yes! We offer to our customers a complete service and services in online marketing. We will help you find your position in the search engines through SEO optimization, address your customers by effective mailing, arrange and set up PPC campaigns, social profiles, help with web redesign, networking and many other activities that can contribute to the desired level.

Do you also offer Chanel manager and what OTAs can be connected to it?

Yes,  we offer Chanel manager. It is an efficient way to update data on external OTA portals. With one click, you can change prices and capacities offered on dozens of travel portals and travel agencies. We currently offer clients the option of connecting to the Booking, Expedia, Agoda, Previo, Hotelbeds portals and now also to Airbnb.

What payment methods do you accept?

We offer several methods of payment. It is possible to pay via payment gateway, card, bank transfer, payment in person or invoice.

Is Bookolo also suitable for small accommodation facilities?

Yes, Bookolo is also suitable for small accommodation facilities such as cottages and chalets.

Is it possible to book the accompanying services that are offered by the accommodation?

Yes, these services can be ordered, but only with a room reservation in the same time..

Do you offer Revenuee Management processes?

Yes, the room price can be changed at any time, for example according to the current availability of accommodation.

Does Bookolo also allow the sale of vouchers?

Yes, we allow. The reservation system can be connected to our Bookolo voucher shop. Thanks to Bookolo voucher shop you can easily sell accommodation, services and packages directly on your website.