How much do I pay?

You have to pay only if your customer does reservation via our Bookolo booking engine. Commissions are now from 3% to 5%.

Are there any regular fees?

No monthly fee, no set up fee. Full working booking engine is available only for percentage commissions from direct bookings.

Is Bookolo trendy?

Sure! Our system is always up to date. Monthly updates and hard work of our system developers guarantee maximum effectivity of our system.

Are there any limits for Bookolo?

No Limits! Our booking engine grow up with you and your bussiness. More direct bookings less commissions.

Why to choose Bookolo system?

Our Bookolo system is effective and innovative booking engine ever. We work with latest technologies with maximal focus for usability and increase direct booking sales. Don't forget Bookolo is free booking engine!

Can you help me with online marketing?

Yes, we would love to! Our service gives you full online marketing support like SEO, email marketing, web site development, SEM, trip connect, business listings, PPC campaigns, social profiles, networking and much more.

Pricing of Bookolo booking engine

Our prices are very competitive: no set up fee, no monthly fee, only a commission from realized direct bookings. Part of commission we reinvest back to your online marketing. If you prefer monthly fee and no commission this option is also available.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate in contacting us on +420 776 872 777

Would you like to give it a try? Go ahead and try it now for FREE!

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