Keep in touch with your customers
Wherever you go...
Booking engine

A perfect tool at your fingertips

The Bookolo system is designed to fulfill each and every need you may encounter.

Our reservations system will give you a total overview of your hotel and will efficiently keep you abreast of all current situations.

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Travel portal

Easy customer booster for hotels

If you don‘t wish to only rely on the good marketing of your hotel, the Bookolo portal is here to give you a hand.

With it‘s simple searching engine, user  friendly access and an easy two step booking process it keeps one step ahead of today‘s booking trends and powerfully boosts the amount of potential customers.

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Website development

Clever website development

After years of experience, we have learned not to underestimate the power of social networking, reviews and customer‘s feedback.

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Online marketing

You might've got it all, but...

It is not always about „how, when or why“ - in online marketing it is mainly about „where“. It doesn‘t matter how well you manage your website content, without the proper SEO optimization, you could be losing customer‘s to the competition. With our professional analysis,  SEO & SEM optimization, we will make sure your content will always be there to be found by the curious visitors who might easily turn into potential customers.

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Email marketing

Revolution for your business

Have you always felt bothered by those neverending newsletters? You might want to re-think the value of those electronic flyers. In the dawn of  the digital age, printed leaflets and flyers are long gone and have been dethroned by email marketing. Email campaigns can turn into a powerfull tool if strategically aimed at the right consumers. As marketing specialists, we make sure your email campaigns don‘t pass through email boxes unnoticed but ensure as much  attention as possible.

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Intrigued? Try us for free!

We know our words are powerful tools, but there is nothing better than proof.
For that reason, we have created a FREE trial just for you to try out and see all the nuts and bolts for yourself.

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General web development partner:

New Logic Studio

Professional development team at your service

When it comes down to creating a web solution for your hotel, Newlogic Studio is here to do the job. Our professional insight into online marketing and profound experience of website development for hotels brings the final polishing touch to your business.

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