Booking engine tailored for your bussines

Multifunctional platform

Bookolo offers simple but innovative solution for management of your accommodation capacities and also an easy way of direct booking for your customers. We will simply establish the booking system and its connection to distribution channels, we will set up the process automation, We will help with optimization of managing tools and  together we will evaluate the results. Don’t worry, the first month is free, training included.


  • universal implementation
  • availability online 24/7
  • intuitive and clear
  • quality reporting

OTA connectivity

Bookolo is immediately ready for the connection to external portals with offers of accommodation capacities so you can comfortably, from any place,  update the data sent to various channels. By only one click you can change the prices and offered capacities in dozens of travel portals and travel agencies. The readiness of Bookolo and its use will save several hours of your work weekly.


  • you send data immediately
  • comfortable control of many channels
  • saving your time
  • easy control

Mobile version and application

90% of all customers own a mobile phone nowadays. The majority of them use even mobile applications. You can offer your services, present your products, advertise your company or only communicate with your clients through mobile applications and gain the competitive advantage thanks to well-advised way of mobile marketing.


  • maximal availability
  • easy connectivity
  • compatibility across devices

Smart Capacity

With Bookolo Smart Capacity you have all your data in one place and by only one click you can download and compare actual prices of your competitors.  Thanks to the Channel management system you can effectively change the prices and redistribute free capacities on portals that are truly selling. Smart Capacity watches over last rooms – OTA is automatically closed and last rooms are left for direct sale.


  • overveiw of competitors’ prices
  • complex revenue tool
  • connection with selling portals
  • automatic watch over capacity status
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