What is the value of social media in the hotel segment? Or why it is important to communicate online.

What is the value of social media in the hotel segment? Or why it is important to communicate online.

To have or not to have social media sites for your accommodation facility? An ongoing dilemma that most of us certainly have. Several questions arise and one of the most common is: "What is the real value of communication on social media?".

The importance of social media in everyday life has reached a solid place over the last few years. Most of us can't imagine everyday life without these platforms, and it doesn't have to be just Facebook or Instagram, but we also sites like LinkedIn or Twitter. All of these networks have revolutionized our lives, not only in terms of how individuals communicate with each other, but also in terms of how individual companies communicate with their customers.

The answer to the opening question is without discussion apparent. Yes, it is really important nowadays to have profiles on social media and communication on them should become an important part of the overall marketing strategy. One of the main reasons for you should be the fact that social networks are used by more than 3 billion users worldwide. If you don't have social media, you lose a huge competitive advantage.

Let's take a look at the importance of activity on selected platforms. However, before we begin, you need to realize that you cannot approach social networks only as another advertising space, but also as a place where you can communicate with your guests and show them the real face of your business. Simply, become one of their friends.

Do all social networks work the same?

Definitely not! Each of the networks has a completely different environment and by this, we do not mean only the visual. There is a different target group on each network, so you must know yours. Based on that, you can focus on communicating on the right social network.

We chose four social networks for a specific introduction: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. The most widespread and most used social network is Facebook. Due to the fact that almost everyone has account on this network, it is primarily used as an information channel. In the circle of your "friends" you communicate your story, your emotions and your experiences. As a concrete example, we could take recent events when you were communicating the reopening of the hotel on Facebook, because you would share this with your friends. However, you would not read them the guidelines under which conditions you can open the hotel.

Instagram, on the other hand, is a network where people mostly consume visual content. Quality photos and videos are number one in this case. Attention is money, and it is attention that attracts enticing and imaginative content. People want to know the environment in which they will spend their holidays. Fulfill their wishes and show the best of your hotel or pension. Praise stinks, but in this case, it stinks after success!

Didn't even think of having a hotel profile on LinkedIn? It is not necessarily necessary! But what is necessary is for employees in management positions to cultivate quality PR through their personal profiles. Keep in mind that contacts will always help you on the way to success, and these contacts, here especially the working ones, are best established on this network.

Twitter is the master of the moment. He wonders what's going on right now and here. It doesn't matter that you know almost no one there, but if you can make good use of the current situation, which is discussed by at least half of the world, then success is almost guaranteed. We will not have to go too far to set an example. During the corona crisis, the hospitality segment was able to inform its audience about the sanitary facilities that are applied in individual hotels.

Become one of the users!

As already mentioned, it is important to know who you are talking to on individual social media channels. On this basis, you will build your unique character - a unique style of communication. Each of the hotels is based on a special story. Find this story and get the most out of it. Just as regular users communicate their lives, their stories on social media, so you try to communicate your own. Unique communication with a unique story is the best way to become recognized among social media users. But beware! There are no friends without trust. All information you communicate on social media must be 100% trustworthy.

Word of mouth

In the hospitality segment, it is well known that one of the main aspects that plays a role in customer decisions is the so-called word of mouth, marketing or reviews directly from customers. Social media are based on this principle. There is complete freedom of expression and every user can express their opinion. This fact may not always be an advantage, but on the other hand it works as a good motivation for providing 100% services. If your guests leave positive reviews on social media, this is a huge advantage for you, which will help with decision-making for other clients.

Given that technology is still evolving, there is no time to lag behind in the hospitality industry either. In the last article, for example, we mentioned an innovation in the form of online check-in. However, at the moment, it is essential for hotels to reconsider social media communication not only to support business but also to strengthen customer care. These activities will help strengthen the brand's reputation and subsequently support overall growth.

If you want to learn more about what your social media strategy might look like, contact us and we will be happy to discuss your options with you.