We connected Bookolo to Airbnb

Relations between hoteliers and web platform providers have long been tense. Until now, Airbnb has only connected property owners (houses, apartments or rooms) with interested tourists. But now Airbnb, through which over 1.5 million travelers were accommodated in the Czech Republic in 2019, is also coming up with a new service for hotels. Hotels will not be presented here among other rented properties, but on their own, exclusive hotel platform.

The connection between Bookola and Airbnb presents several advantages for the hotel. In particular, it is an opportunity to reach over 150 million users and an opportunity to attract a new target group than the one on regular OTAs. We also believe that the connection of another communication channel will provide you with a great competitive advantage in the current situation where our common market is exposed to the adverse effects of coronavirus pandemic.

We now offer our current customers the connection of the Bookolo channel manager to Airbnb for only EUR 9 per month in addition to the current fee.