Maximize your online revenue with Channel Manager!

Do you spend hours and hours answering e-mails regarding the reservations of your accommodation facility? Or do you feel that you are spending too much time manually updating room availability on OTA portals? Do you sometimes rebook your available rooms by accident? Or, on the contrary, do you not have time to add rooms to OTA portals that have suddenly become vacant?


Don't worry, you're not alone! Many hotel or pension managers deal with these problems every day. In fact, this is an easily solvable problem. The so-called Channel manager is a key tool for your accommodation business that has been already adopted by many accommodation facilities. 


What is a Channel manager?

You can offer your rooms in several different places in the online environment. Typical examples are OTA portals such as, or and others. It is the Channel manager that connects to these portals and communicates with them through its online cloud storage. Therefore, you do not need to install any software on your computer. Channel manager allows you to easily and intuitively adjust the availability of rooms and individual prices, including various booking restrictions (such as length of stay) on other sales portals.


The benefits of implementing Channel manager

  1. Time saving
    With one click you can change the availability and prices on all OTA portals. It is not necessary to log in to each of the portals and change the information on each of them separately. These tasks can even be automated. The time saved is in the order of several hours a week.


  1. Increase revenue
    Using Channel Manager is the best way to increase your revenue. Adopt a dynamic pricing strategy, and based on saving time update room rates more often. You can also increase your online visibility by connecting to new OTA portals.
  2. Efectivity
    Work efficiency is one of the main benefits that allows you to automate processes to avoid human error. And so it will never happen again that you sell a room at a lower price than you offer on your website.


So if you don't use this tool yet, it's the right time to implement it! If you have any questions or concerns regarding this service, you may contact our colleague Ivana.