Over 70 partners attended our first webinar

Over 70 partners attended our first webinar

The fact that we are constantly working on our system and improving it is nothing new. However, we have now decided to share our improvements and tweaks with you and bring more interaction to our communication. Therefore, starting this year, we started hosting online webinars. The first one was held on February 8, and more webinars with current topics will be scheduled for the upcoming months. If you missed our webinar, or just want a reminder of what is covered, you can find a summary on our blog.

Upgrade Bookolo Booking Engine

A major upgrade to our Booking Engine is the "add another room" option. The big advantage of this functionality is better clarity of the booking process and the possibility to choose different extra services or stay packages for each room booked. 

We are also the only one on the market with a new feature in the area of pricing for children. Guests can choose between two options for children, either sleeping on a bed together with their parents or on their bed. You may or may not use this feature, everything is easy to set up in the extranet in the age group settings.

A big new feature is the announcement of the availability of the last rooms. This marketing tool subconsciously pushes the guest not to hesitate with their choice and thus increases the conversion of the Bookolo Booking Engine. The feature visually resembles a little flame with textual information about the number of last rooms (the current version works with the options "2 rooms remaining" and "1 room remaining") and can be found below the main room photo. 

The tool is optional and you can set its activation yourself in the system settings.