Sales and Marketing

We focus especially on these specific topics related to hotel sales and marketing.

As many direct reservations as possible from the hotel web site.

By precisely setting up your hotel website and all other Digital marketing tools, we create the ideal combination for direct bookings of end customers.

Sale of hotel accommodation capacities to final corporate customers.

The largest corporate clientele is the dream of every hotelier, with the help of not only online tools, it is sure to increase this segment and keep it interesting.

Help with choosing and setting OTAs.

Without Online Travel Agencies it is not possible ... however, their quantity can be eliminated, their quality increased and their benefits in order to adjust the hotel's focus so that they are always an overall benefit.

Help with setting up a website, Channel Manager, Booking Engine

Specific steps leading to choosing and setting up the best hotel website, CHM, BE, and other digital online tools.

Online Digital Marketing, PPC and banner campaigns, vouchers etc...

Creating individual campaigns, always with respect to the Good Value therefore the ratio of price vs. performance.