Audit and control operations

To stay constantly competitive and move further into your hotel business, you need to continually develop and look for all the other attributes that will help increase the added value in your hospitality business..

You need to optimize your processes and inputs all the time. Continually seek opportunities to increase performance and keep up-to-date knowledge of your management.

We can find the reserves (financial, business and marketing, human resources) in an audit of the whole operation or its individual sections to help you further develop.

We will look and optimize individual sections of your hotel, for example:

  • Front / back office, Reservation department, Concierge and their human resources

- are there really sufficient uses of individual workers during their working hours, and the revenue they bring can not really be increased?

  • Hotel restaurant, conference center

- are the breakfast and coffebreak costs ok?... and match all other inputs to the proper economy in the ratio of the best price vs. the best performance?

  • Hotel lobby bar

- can you find other ways to increase revenue, for example by expanding or changing the range and services?

  • Hotel housekeeping and laundry

- does the quantity and quality of hotel linen correspond to the cost and quality of the service?

We solve these and other current operational issues and we always find the best solution thanks to our long-term experience in the field.