Bookolo Engine

Multifunctional platform

Bookolo offers a simple, yet innovative solutions to manage your accommodation capabilities, as well as an easy way to make direct reservations for your customers. We will simply connect you to the booking system, connect to distribution channels, set process automatically, help optimize control tools, and evaluate the results together. Bookolo system is an advanced and open platform for cooperation and connection with any partner that enables connectivity of your system. With our open approach there are no restrictions on cooperation with different systems. 

  • universal implementation
  • availability online 24/7
  • intuitive and organized
  • quality reporting


Bookolo is immediately ready to connect to external portals offering accommodation capacities. You can conveniently update your uploaded data to different channels. With one click, you can change prices and offer capacities on dozens of travel portals and travel agencies. Plus, it does not need to install any new software, it works online in a cloud solution.

Usage of Bookolo will save you up to several hours a week. 

  • you submit data immediately
  • convenient management of many distribution channels
  • save your time
  • easy and intuitive operation

Mobile version and application

At present, 90% of all customers own a mobile phone. Most of them also use mobile applications. You can present your services and products, advertise your business or only communicate with clients through mobile apps and gain a competitive advantage thanks to the well-recommended mobile marketing method.

  • maximum availability
  • easy connection
  • compatibility between devices

Smart Autopilot

With the Bookolo Smart Autopilot you have all the data in one place and one click you can download and compare the current prices of the competition. Thanks to the connectivity with the Channel management system, you can efficiently change prices and redistribute free capacities to the portals which do actual sales. Smart Autopilot also watches the last rooms and total occupancy. Automatic price changes based on occupancy can be set. If you have the last rooms, the system will automatically close the OTA and leave the rooms for direct sale.

  • an overview of competition prices
  • a comprehensive income tool
  • connection with sales portals
  • automatically monitors the capacity state