Bookolo Booking Engine - innovative and intuitive reservation system for your website

Bookolo Booking Engine - innovative and intuitive reservation system for your website

Hoteliers can no longer imagine running their hotel business without the offer of online booking on their hotel website. However, everyone has become even more aware recently of how much it pays off to have a high-quality booking engine that increases direct bookings and brings new clientele

The requirements for an online booking system have changed over time, and Bookolo Booking Engine stands out from the rest with its clarity and efficiency. All discounts are calculated automatically and the client is always offered only the best price corresponding with the requirements of the stay. Moreover, the client is also presented with all the benefits of direct booking.  Bookolo Booking Engine makes the offer as clear as possible for the client and significantly reduces the rate of leaving the site during the booking process  that takes place from just two steps, which is its great competitive advantage. If needed, an additional step can be added to sell extra services and products.

Another great advantage of our Bookolo Booking Engine is the way it displays prices and availability using a dynamic calendar, where guests can instantly see which dates are available and at what price.

Another handy feature of our system and an important marketing tool for attracting new or motivating existing clients is the ability to create unique promo codes. A competitive benefit for corporate and regular clients that also facilitates the workload of hotel staff is the possibility of activating the private offers function and registration in the system. This function also speeds up the reservation process and offers benefits for the registered guests. 

Clients can rest assured that their credit card details are absolutely safe with us. We use the most modern security and encryption technologies for personal data. So if you are still considering which booking engine would be best for you, or if you would like to change your current solution, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to create an offer according to your requirements and wishes.