Bookolo app as an upselling tool

How to be one step ahead of the competition? This is a question you may be asking more and more often. Go forward to your guests and innovate your processes. You can save time not only for yourself but also for your guests. And what exactly is this innovation about? Within the Bookolo reservation system, we also offer the Bookolo app, which simply offers the management of all created reservations.

The Bookolo app has several advantages that can convince a potential client to your advantage. Today we decided to write them down for all of you.

  • All information in one place

Guests no longer have to work hard to find information about the hotel. They just need to download the Bookolo app and pair their reservations. In turn, the application will display all the basic information about the entire reservation and also about the hotel. 

  • Access to all reservations

The application offers a quick and intuitive view of all reservations, both current and all past, which the guest has ever made. This is a great advantage, for example, for guests who often travel on business trips to the same destination. Past bookings can still be renewed to current ones. They will save time and on the next trip they will again choose the same place to sleep.

  • Online check-in

Another advantage, which was already mentioned in one of the previous articles, is the possibility of online check-in. Just before arrival, guests will be offered the option of online check-in in the app, where they fill in the necessary information and then, without a long wait, they just pick up their room keys on the reception. Online check-in saves time by reducing the long queues at reception. 

  • Direct contact

If guests are late for check-in or simply need to suddenly contact the hotel, they do not have to look for a contact at the hotel reception ior n the e-mail box. All they have to do is click on the reservation in the application and dial the required contact through the application.

  • Transfer order

It often happens that guests forget to book a transfer from the place of arrival to the hotel. The app offers a transfer directly to the hotel after a few clicks. The guest will save a lot of time and thus avoids the stressful situation. The whole experience of the stay is then perceived very positively.

  • Route planning

The app offers route planning for guests that are heading to your hotel with their car. One click is all it takes to redirect the user to navigation and, without work, plans the entire trip directly to the hotel without any effort.

And how is it possible to get the application for your guests? It's quite simple! The application is free to download for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. All you have to do is inform your guests about the possibility of having your reservations under your thumb in one place and show them that you keep up with the times and strive to constantly innovate. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.