About us

What is Bookolo Academy?

Bookolo Academy is a website dedicated to sharing news and information in the area of ​​hospitality, and it is also a place for meeting and communication of professionals in the field. After many years of experience in the tourism and accommodation market, we have developed our own booking system for both small and large businesses. During the development of the website, we have focused on maximizing your business efficiency and the comfort of your customers.

Here at Bookolo Academy we will share with you the latest Developer News Bookolo engine & service, newly integrated services, updates, functionality and service enhancements, news and trends in hotel marketing in real time, tips on world attractions and case studies and proven practical experience. You can subscribe to all our news on the facebook profile, on the linkedin, or on our newsletter.

We regularly prepare workshops in Prague and across the Czech Republic, where we present the greatest professionals in the field who are willing to share their experiences, practical tips, advice on how to develop an active network of professionals who have something to offer each other.

All of our workshops are free of charge, as well as the contacts and teaching materials you can take from them.