What is a booking engine?

We live in a modern world, where almost all industries are being digitized, competition is growing and customers are much more demanding. It is necessary to know the needs of potential customers and adapt to their requirements to gain favor. With the increasing demands of guests, the demands for accommodation and associated services are also increasing. Do you still remember the time when all hotel reservations had to be handled through the phone, post, or in person at the hotel? In today's Internet age, we can no longer even imagine communicating with potential guests by fax. It also became unrealistic for a hotel employee to check occupancy by searching in books, old systems, or Excel spreadsheets. The beginning of the booking engine (reservation system) use brought a revolution to the hotel industry.

The reservation system is placed directly on the official website of the accommodation facility. For the hotelier, a booking engine means more visits to the website and gaining the customer directly without an intermediary like OTA. However, it also brings customers the advantage of up-to-date information about the hotel and the offered services. The benefit for both parties is the production of quick and easy reservations. The online reservation system allows the customer to pay for their stay immediately after entering the date and selecting the room. All this without being redirected to other sites.

Thanks to the fact that everything is handled and processed online, the booking engine limits the emergence of common problems. Employees no longer have to deal with forgotten or double bookings, which significantly reduces the reception's workload and the error rate. You can simply leave the booking process to the customers. The results of the surveys, which focused on the satisfaction of hotel guests, even show that guests prefer this way of creating reservations. The security of correctly filled-in data and immediate confirmation of the reservation is important to customers.

So what happens if you decide to use a reservation system? First, the connection to the distribution channels and the process automation settings will take place. The next step will be the connection with other systems and portals. Thanks to the connection, you will be able to conveniently update the data sent to various channels from anywhere at any time. JIn addition, you can change prices and offered capacities on dozens of travel portals with just one click. The last step is the synchronization of prices and capacities with selected OTAs, the hotel website and the hotel PMS.


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