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WiFi landing page

Use the potential of inhouse marketing via WiFi network. Nearly every guest will use your WiFi network so you can offer him your actual actions, participation in your loyalty program, you can offer him faster connection for his interaction on social network or his email address which would be precious for marketing. This all is packed as a service helping to the customer in orientation, and recommending him adequate restaurants and places in the hotel surroundings.


  • direct communication with customer
  • extension of contact database
  • competition advantage

Automated revenue management

With Bookolo Smart Capacity you have everything in one place and by only one click you download and compare actual prices of your competitors. Thanks to connection with Bookolo Channel management system you can effectively change the prices and redistribute free capacities on portals which have higher business sense for you. At the moment when you have last rooms, the system can automatically close all OTA and leave the capacity for direct sale via hotel web.


  • effective price management
  • connectivity with OTA channels
  • actual competition overveiw

Distribution channel manager

As a supporting product to our effective and innovative Bookolo system we have created capable helping tools, which will save a lot of your time and improve your business results. Channel manager offers effective way of your data actualization on external OTA portals. By only one click you can change your prices and offered capacities in dozens of travel portals and agencies. The time save and effectivity of management is several hours weekly.


  • effective price management
  • connectivity with OTA channels
  • actual competition overview

Push email service

As a further option of the Bookolo extended possibilities We have prepared for you sofisticated and automated solution of email addressing of your inhouse customers. We will provide you by complete service, from design proposal to creation of optimized email templates. Their sending out will not only improve your relationship with customers but also significantly boost cross-sell of your further services. Our service includes complete statistic of sending outs.


  • automated solution
  • addressing customer in real time
  • delivery of complete reporting 


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