Your online marketing with Bookolo

Direct marketing

Address your customers directly by regular mailing, build the relationship and increase your gains this way. Nothing helps your business more like a satisfied client, who will be pleased reading attractions, news and special offers from your Newsletter. We will prepare for you design and template solution, your database, we will arrange distribution and analytic reporting.


  • delivered templates
  • processed communication
  • arranged distribution
  • analyzed outputs


SEO & Inbound marketing

SEO and Inbound are often used activities in the marketing field. The search engine optimization of your website will rank the results, based on relevancy, that are displayed to the customer upon his search. Reach the top ranks, build your feedbacks and reference portfolio, or leave it on us, we will be pleased. Either way it is worthy.


  • we tune the web for search engines
  • local and worldwide impact
  • we keep top ranks for long term
  • we build strong reference portfolio

Social media

Don’t be afraid of social networks. Your social accounts do not have to be only austere business cards. We can spread among your possible customers your achievements, news and attractions effectively. Also we can keep your relationship with clients who already know you and like to come back, by an entertaining form. The social networks can be used also as a selling channel. We will prepare the communication strategy tailored  both to your business and your target group.

  • we create your profile
  • suggest strategies
  • deliver content
  • provide administration

PPC campaign management

PPC campaings are very fast and effective tool for advertising your product or service. In only 15 minutes you can reach the top positions in search engines wherever in the world. Thanks to the broad targeting possibilities, data outputs and our experiences, We will create the campaigns for you, tune and optimize them, so the results will meet demanded aims.  

  • we create campaigns
  • prepare the advert contents
  • organise budget split
  • recommend effective channels
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